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The Treehouse

Fun For
And Old

For many years Dan dreamed of building a treehouse for his family, so a year after we moved into Slupik MiniFarm, construction began in the only trees on the property that could hold a structure of this size. With Treehouse Masters as his inspiration, Pete Nelson's books as his guide, and assistance from some friends, he designed and built a two-story treehouse 10 feet off the ground! The second story has a loft for summer sleepovers, and the higher platform leads to a zipline that runs across the yard. A beautiful ships ladder takes you to the top, which has been climbed by many, young and old alike. Stacey's Grandma even made the climb when she was 90 years old! Many of the materials were bought second-hand from a neighbor or from the salvage yard. The front deck provides an amazing view of the Rocky Mountains and provides a great spot for watching the sun set. We added a long wooden tree swing out front, reminiscent of Stacey's childhood, and later added an obstacle course along the underside of the treehouse which challenges strength, endurance, and balance for the kids...and even many adults! We do allow our guests to climb up and explore, so sign up for our newsletter below to be notified of our next event!

Looking Back

How it all started...

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