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Flowers have an incredible power of evoking emotions, of moving people, of making them feel something deep down, of healing them. In our fast-paced screen-driven world, growing flowers allows us to to connect with people in a real way, to bring them joy, to make them feel something. They allow us to share the incredible beauty in the world with people while staying connected to the natural world.​ Our flowers are all grown by us on our mini-farm and are harvested fresh for you. Because we sell our flowers locally, we are able to grow unique and interesting varieties that you won't find elsewhere. We always have our health, your health, and our planet's health in our best interest, so we grow everything organically, following the cues that Mother Nature gives us. By supporting local growers like us, you get the freshest product possible, you get flowers that are grown without damaging chemicals and preservatives, you support your local community and small businesses, and you play an important role in protecting our delicate environment.  Our flowers are available through our flower subscriptions, by visiting our roadside flower stand The Flower House, by the bucket, and by special order.  We are located in Niwot, CO at the corner of Niwot Road and Redwing Place.  


Thank you for stopping by and for sharing in the beauty and joy of locally grown flowers with us!

Flower Gallery

In Loving Memory

For Grandpa, whose laughter, 
kind & gentle soul, and strong
work ethic 
inspire us everyday.


And to Mom and Grandma for passing on their love for growing and their strong family values.

Cut Flower Care

To maximize the life of your cut flowers, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Provide them with clean water daily or every other day.

  • Remove any leaves that are below the surface of the water to keep the water clean.

  • Occasionally snip off their ends to allow them to continue drinking.  Cutting the stems at an angle will help them to absorb water better.

  • Display them in a cool place out of direct sunlight to keep them from wilting.

  • Keep them away from ripening fruit, as the ethylene gas emitted from ripening fruit can be detrimental to some flowers.

  • Remove dead or wilting leaves and stems to keep the rest of the bouquet fresh. 

  • Put them in a place where you see them often to maximize enjoyment!

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