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The Greenhouse

The Start of Something Beautiful

One of our first flower farm projects was building a small greenhouse for starting seeds and growing plants in the off-season.  A big corner of our property sat empty and unattended for the first five years, and it seemed like the perfect space to create something beautiful. Over time, we collected beautiful antique windows from flea markets and salvage yards. The finishing touch was the solid wood door with etched glass that we found at a salvage yard.


One winter, we laid all the windows out in the yard like a giant puzzle and allowed them to dictate the design of the greenhouse. We built the structure from wood we salvaged when we rebuilt our porch and sided it with the old porch ceiling.  The floor is made from a stack of bricks that were left to us with the house, claimed to be leftover from when the Pearl Street walking mall was constructed. The tables inside were also built with wood salvaged from the porch.


We use the greenhouse for starting seeds and holding our seedlings and perennials in the spring until they're ready to be planted out. With the help of a backup heater, we're typically able to start moving cold-hardy plants into the greenhouse starting in February or March. We also use it for dividing our dahlia tubers in the fall.

We do open up the greenhouse for our guests when we host events, so sign up for our newsletter below to stay informed of upcoming events and opportunities!

We get a lot of questions about getting access to our plans. Unfortunately we don't have detailed plans on paper. Our vision was sketched on a piece of graph paper, and Dan used his engineering skills to plan and measure as he went. We encourage you to get creative with your own plans! Our reach out to us, and we're happy to let you in to take a look for some insipiration!

Looking Back

How it all started...

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