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A Love For Pumpkins

From the time our kids were babies, we would drag them to every pumpkin patch we could find every Fall. Stacey was always looking for the most beautiful and unique pumpkins, the ones with beautiful muted colors and fascinating textures. She and her best friend would strap their babies to their fronts, dragging their toddlers by the hand, to the far corners of the pumpkin patches looking for the most interesting and beautiful pumpkins, dreaming of someday having their own pumpkin patch. It just seemed natural that when we moved to a property with plenty of room for growing, a pumpkin patch should be a part of that! Our pumpkin patch has evolved a lot over the years (pumpkins require a lot of space!) and we now grow a lot of our smaller pumpkins on trellises to save space. We don't grow carving pumpkins, but we do grow all the beautiful decorative and heirloom pumpkins, ones with unusual textures and beautiful colors in shades of blues, pinks, tans, and whites.

We typically harvest our pumpkins in mid-late September and have them available to purchase at The Flower House. Sign up for our newsletter below to stay informed of where and when our pumpkins will be available.

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