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Edible Flowers & Herbs


Incorporating flowers and herbs in your cooking not only adds color, texture, flavor, and interest to your dish, but many flowers and herbs contain essential vitamins and minerals that have important health benefits. We grow a variety of herbs and flowers that are safe for consuming and that add a beautiful touch to cakes, breads, pizza, salads, soups, and so much more! Stop by The Flower House and look for them in the fridge, or fill out or contact form and let us know what you need!

Edible Flowers



-Chive Blossom



-Bachelors Buttons





-Cardinal Basil

-Cinnamon Basil

-Thai Basil

-Lemon Basil











*Not all flowers are edible, so please do your research before injesting something you aren't familiar with! We are not responsible for reactions caused from consuming flowers.

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