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About Us

Meet The Slupik Family!

We are a family of five with a strong dedication to Family, being outdoors, working hard, working with our hands, building a home we love, enjoying the beauty around us, and sharing it with others. 


We moved to Colorado from the Chicago suburbs in 2007 to pursue a healthier and more nature-focused lifestyle, and we've been here ever since! In 2014, we bought a fixer-upper with a couple acres of land in Niwot, Colorado and immediately got to work creating a home we love and fulfilling a dream we'd had for a long time. Our goal has been to create a place where we can raise our children in the great outdoors, to create lasting memories, and to surround ourselves with friends and family.  We want our home to be a place where our kids can 'be kids' the old-fashioned way, running barefoot outside, climbing trees, getting their hands in the dirt, sitting by the fire under the stars, learning to respect and appreciate the beauty of our planet. 


We started by renovating the entire house before moving on to the outside space. We built a giant treehouse, a greenhouse from reclaimed materials, and a space to raise chickens. We renovated the existing garden area and have been adding more growing spaces and lots of trees. In 2020 we took the plunge and dug up a section of our property to start a flower farm!  We grow many beautiful and unique varieties of cut flowers and are so blessed to be able to share the beauty of locally grown flowers with our community!

Thank you for being here and sharing our journey with us!

The Slupiks

​Stacey, Dan, Molly, Noah & Ella


Stacey grew up in Valparaiso, Indiana, a descendant of it seems natural that she would eventually find the path to starting her own flower farm! She graduated from Valparaiso University with a degree in Marketing and minors in Statistics and German. She worked in marketing research for seven years in Chicago, where she eventually met Dan and they started their life together. Stacey completed the Chicago Marathon, and several half-marathons, before setting her career aside to devote herself to raising their family. Stacey & Dan bought their first fixer-upper in Wheaton, Illinois and started their family there. Shortly after their first daughter was born, they were pulled to Colorado, and the three of them moved away to start a new life. They lived in a newer house while their second and third babies were born, but they knew it was temporary - they were born to be fixer uppers. In 2014, they came across the property that came to be known as Slupik MiniFarm and knew immediately, despite its rough appearance, that this was where they wanted to put roots down and raise their family.


After raising three babies, Stacey had the urge to do something for herself outside of caring for their family, something that would tap into her creative-artistic side, connect her more with the natural world, but still allow her to be present for her family. She wanted to be a role model for her girls, using her strengths and taking risks to carve her own path. She took classes in photography and does all the photography for Slupik MiniFarm, and she also studied interior design for a short time. But when Dan bought her the book 'Cut Flower Garden' by Erin Benzakein of Floret Flower Farm, something in her ignited. She started following Floret up on social media and felt a deep connection. Her late Grandpa grew dahlias, and Stacey felt his gentle touch guiding her right where she needed to be. In 2019 she enrolled in the Floret Online Workshop, which teaches all about starting a small-scale flower farm, and a couple years later she took The Tulip Workshop to learn how to force tulips over winter. She felt inspired to build something big, something beautiful, something that would make people stop and really pay attention. That same year they started converting sections over their property over to growing flowers!

Stacey is the creative vision behind the flower farm, but it wouldn't be what it is without an incredible amount of help and support from her family. We made our business name the family name because we are very much a family business and we all work very hard together to make Slupik MiniFarm what it is.


Dan was born and raised in Naperville, Illinois. He graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Electrical Engineering and later got his Masters from Kellogg University in Business Strategy. Dan worked as an engineer at Motorola for 10 years and then in business management at Texas Instruments for 15 years before moving to a smaller company a couple years ago. He now works for a medical equipment company as VP of Operations. Dan enjoys camping, backpacking in the mountains, traveling, and cooking -- his specialty is homemade pizzas, much to his family's enjoyment -- and we enjoy experimenting with things we grow to create new pizza toppings!


At Slupik MiniFarm, Dan is the builder, the fixer, the heavy-lifter, the one who makes the dreams come to life and keeps them running, while also working a full-time job. He has an incredible amount of patience, always take the time to let the kids help and teach them in the process, and a has very handy talent for figuring out how to fix and build things. He also makes sure that the rest of us never skip a meal. Dan designed and built our treehouse, greenhouse, chicken coop, The Flower House, flower beds, and many of our fences. He also has dreams of building a brick pizza oven...if only we can find the time!


Molly is the oldest of our three children. She is a senior at Niwot High School and will be attending Colorado State University in 2024 to study graphic design. Molly, a gifted artist, started art classes at Sunflower Art Studio in Gunbarrel at the age of four and fills every minute of her free time doing something artistic. She especially enjoys painting, graphic design, photography, and floral design. In addition to doing custom projects, she sells her artwork and designs on her Etsy store Pocket of Poppies, at The Flower House, and in local shops and markets.

Molly works full-time for the flower farm in the summer and whenever she can fit it in around school. Planting, weeding, harvesting, managing pests & disease, flower arranging - she does it all! She also manages The Flower House on the weekends, keeping it open, stocked, and looking beautiful for you all!  Molly has an incredible understanding of color and assists with decisions about the colors and varieties of flowers we grow. She is also very talented at floral design and helps with our custom arrangements and many of the arrangements you see at The Flower House.  She does all the signage, graphics, and artwork for Slupik MiniFarm, and she designed our T-shirts and hoodies as well as our new logo!  

Check out Molly's full portfolio on her website


Noah is our middle child and a freshman at Niwot High School. He plays basketball for Niwot, plays the electric guitar in the NHS jazz band, and he loves to read and hike. At a very young age, Noah's love for working in the garden was apparent (his excitement over harvesting vegetables was undeniably adorable!). He has lovingly cared for our chickens for many years and now has his younger sister as an apprentice. Noah works hard, and despite his lean appearance, he is strong and is often called in to do the heavy lifting with Dad. Noah also works on the planting & harvesting crew at Ollin Farms in the summer and helps with their CSA after school.


Ella is our youngest, our fiery little redhead who loves giant bear hugs more than anyone I know. She is in middle school at Flagstaff Academy. She loves all living things, especially dogs, horses, and pigs. She plays basketball for her middle school team, plays the piano, and has been taking horse riding lessons for a couple years. She helps care for our chickens and is learning the ropes at the flower farm so that she can step up when her big sister goes to college - especially the important things like how to make iced coffees for her mom. :)  She is learning the importance of having a close connection with the outdoors and with having her hands in the dirt and has become adept at seed starting and planting seedlings out.  

Our Other Residents

Ruby is our resident farm dog. She is a Bernese Mountain Dog and has been such a blessing to our family.  We sincerely hope her presence will deter the foxes, bears, hawks, and other predators that often hunt our chickens!  Don't be surprised if she pops her head over the fence to see you when you stop at The Flower House - she's a total sweetheart and thrives on constant love and attention!

We also have a happy flock of chickens who provide us with a constant supply of fresh eggs and who clean up our extra food scraps. They're also a great companion to the garden, as their waste is used for compost and they're helpful in keeping the bugs in check.  We look for varieties of hens who are not only beautiful and colorful themselves, but who also lay a wide range of colorful eggs. Occasionally you can find our eggs at The Flower House, when we can get them before the foxes who have learned how to steal them.

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