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A Love For Growing

Our love for growing started when our kids were little. We started growing a few vegetables in a garden box we made in the tiny backyard of our first Colorado home. Their excitement every time we harvested vegetables or planted seeds was contagious, so every year the garden got bigger and we added new things.

Now that our kids are older, we're able to grow a lot more with the help of a lot of hands! Stacey's recent urge to tap into her creative-artistic side, to connect more with the natural world, and to carry on her late Grandpa's love for growing dahlias, led her to enroll in the Floret Online Workshop where she learned how to start a small-scale flower farm. In addition to the garden of raised beds we inherited with our property, we've added two flower fields, a peony field, a shade garden, a lilac hedge, a pumpkin patch, many perennial flower beds, and dozens of trees to our growing mix. We've been able to grow thousands of flowers to share with our community and our love for growing just continues to grow!


Grown With Love
and Attention

Our flowers, and everything we grow, are grown organically and harvested as fresh as possible. We never use harsh chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides, and we only use organic products. All of our plants are started by seed in our basement and greenhouse. We compost all of our food scraps, garden debris, leaves, and chicken waste and use them as food and mulch for the flower field and gardens. We nourish our soil with new compost every year. We care deeply about our health, your health, and the health of our beautiful planet, and we hope to have an impact on making it a better, healthier, and more beautiful place. By supporting local growers like us, not only do you get the freshest product possible, but you get flowers that are grown without damaging chemicals and preservatives, you support your local community and small businesses, and you play an important role in protecting our delicate environment.  

Growing Outside The Box

One key to success in growing on a small-scale farm has been to think creatively about how we use the spaces on our property. Our greenhouse is used not only for growing plants, but we also use it for dividing dahlia tubers in the fall and hosting events on summer evenings.

We converted our three-car garage to a workshop that houses our tools, our flower coolers, and a heated/cooled space with a sink, lots of countertops and storage for Stacey and her team to process and arrange flowers. This space serves other purposes as well, including holding dahlia tubers after they've been dug and holding bulbs until they're ready to be planted.

We converted half of our basement to an indoor grow space outfitted with rows of grow lights. This is where we start all our seeds for the season and where we grow thousands of tulips over winter.

We also created a root cellar in the basement of our shed. The shed, which already had a full basement, came with the property. We converted the basement to a cellar by excavating the dirt to create a doorway in the concrete and pouring concrete steps down to access the cellar.  This is a small space that does extremely important work for us in the winter, storing thousands of dahlia tubers and rooting thousands of tulip bulbs at the perfect cool (not freezing) temperature.

It's amazing what you can do with a space when you think a little creatively! 


Winter Growing

Winter can be a tough time for a lot of people (including us!), so after a few years of getting the hang of growing on a larger scale outdoors, we had the urge to expand our growing season. We wanted to see what we could grow indoors during the off-season to bring people joy in the dark months of winter. Stacey enrolled in The Tulip Workshop, an online program that teaches the art and science of forcing tulips throughout winter, and we now provide flowers in some of the coldest months of the year! We grow thousands of tulips in our root cellar and basement grow space between January and April, with a large number of those arriving in time for Valentine's Day. The field tulips start appearing in April, giving a steady stream of flowers for most of the year!

We also pot up hundreds of amaryllis and paperwhite bulbs in the fall for their giant blooms to appear right around the holidays. These are available at The Flower House in November & December. In addition, we dry all the flowers and foliage that we can in the fall, and we use these for making wreaths and arrangements throughout the winter. To be notified when our winter flowers are available, sign up for our newsletter below! 

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