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Creating A Life We Love

Fixing up our home and growing unique, exquisite flowers with love and care in the foothills of Colorado

Slupik MiniFarm started in 2014 as a dream to build something special and memorable for our family of five, fixing up our home and property, one project at a time. We remodeled the house, built a giant treehouse, designed and built a sweet little greenhouse from reclaimed materials, started raising chickens, and rebuilt the neglected gardens. We're always dreaming up new ideas, so it's a constant work-in-progress!


Since we started, Slupik MiniFarm has evolved into something even bigger than we imagined. Over time, we have converted our 2-acre property into a flower farm where we grow thousands of flowers for our local community, almost year-round! We've also been able to satisfy our love for growing beautiful ornamental and decorative pumpkins. Our flowers are available at our roadside stand The Flower House, through subscriptions, by the bucket, by special orderand we also work with local businesses to meet their flower needs. We believe in sharing the beauty we've created with those around us, so we occasionally host events where you can come in and see the farm and meet our family.  You can sign up for our newsletter below to stay informed of new happenings and events.


We're so happy you're here and are endlessly grateful for your continued love and support.

Thank you for following along with us! 

The Slupik Family

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